This is us.

Failed self-portrait in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France.

Our travel likes:

  • Giving back to the countries we visit by donating to a cause, volunteering, or giving attention to a topic on this website.
  • Food, all of it. Especially the cuisine a country is known for and how to cook it. So we’ve taken a few cooking classes. (We are not foodies.)
  • Bars. Dive bars, tourist bars, secret bars, fancy bars, beach bars, rooftop bars, airport bars, breweries, wineries, distilleries, champagneries (we know that’s not a real word), and so forth.
  • Adventure. Activities that make you laugh until you cry, make you actually cry, and in some cases make you wonder if you’ll live to see another vacation.
  • Art: museums; landmarks and monuments; book stores; graffiti; leaves on a centuries-old tree, perfectly curated window sills, and other photographable scenes; clever outfits; concerts, theater, shows of most varieties
  • Discovery. But see dislikes; we do not enjoy discovering those.

Our travel dislikes:

  • Rude tourists (obviously).
  • Rude locals (unless we’ve done something to deserve it or unless it’s used skillfully for effect).
  • Hand-size spiders [link to photo of said spider].
  • Turbulence, well, really flying in general. (Okay, that’s just me. He sleeps through everything.)
  • Will stop there since this list should not be longer than the first one.

What we hope to provide on this website:

  • Basic, useful information we’ve either learned from others or learned on our own the hard way.
  • Our itineraries for your consideration.
  • Photography and video that (hopefully) capture the flavor of a place as we saw it and that maybe make you want to see something with your own eyes or do something with your own hands and feet.